La Liga betting

This season’s La Liga title has been remarkably one sided, as Barcelona have assumed a commanding lead over their rivals at the top of the table, which sees the betting for the league switch instead to who will finish second. Realistically it would seem to be a clear fight between the two Madrid sides – Real and Atletico – and there are currently only two points separating them, making it ideal for betting fans. The closeness also makes it hard to call though, so are there any tips to help choose the best side to bet on?

Well looking at the comparative strengths of the two sides, it would seem to be clear that Real have the stronger side – including match winning individuals like Cristiano Ronaldo. This ensures that, despite being behind Atletico at the moment, Real are still the odds-on favourites to finish second.

Furthermore, it would seem inconceivable that Real could fail to achieve this, in what has already been a terrible league season, and the potential humiliation of finishing behind not only Barca, but also their Madrid rivals, will surely motivate Real to overturn the current deficit. At present they are distracted somewhat by the Champions League, but if they fail to overcome Dortmund in this competition, they will go all out to get second place.

Thus it may be better to wait and see how the Champions League second leg finishes before betting, as you can always look for alternatives for your entertainment along the way. Online casinos have grown massively since the internet came around, and recently they have looked at growing even further by tapping into the target audience of online bookmakers with sports themed slots games.

One of the most popular football ones that you can play is Shoot. This football themed slots game is named after the vintage football magazine, which enjoyed its heyday around the same time Real were initially conquering Europe, and it offers a $20,000 jackpot alongside classic football reel icons like Pele, Maradona and Ruud Gullit. Many of these players feature in the Trade’em bonus feature, which requires you to pick four from the available twelve, to try and activate one of the bonus game, or add to your winnings. Shoot has everything a dedicated lover of the beautiful game could want from an online casino game, and is a great way to pass the time before making your La Liga bet.