Neymar says he was absolutely fascinated by Robinho

The Barcelona star Neymar says he was absolutely fascinated by Robinho as a kid growing up

Neymar got himself into the first team of Santos only when Robinho had left the club, but, he got the opportunity to play alongside his role model when Robinho returned to Vila Belmiro in 2010 on loan.

Later on, the two of them played a bit of Football together for Selecao too.

Talking about Robinho in an interview, Neymar said, “He is someone whom I have idolized right from my childhood and I consider myself really privileged to have shared the changing room with him. He is a legend.”

Robinho has played for top clubs in England, Spain and Italy and is currently in China where he is being a part of Guangzhou Evergrande.

Although, he hasn’t been a World Cup winner so far, but, his CV includes a lot of club as well as international titles including La Liga and Copa America.

He, however, would not see his career as a total success as the amount of talent with which he had burst onto the scene, he should have done a little better and have been more stable by this time.

He couldn’t convert his potential to the fullest at any of the big clubs he went at, be it Real Madrid or AC Milan.

He was a superstar at only 21-years of age when he was signed by Los Blancos, but, his game only faded from there.

He, however, is still in the scheme of things for the Brazilian national team. He was in the squad that took part in Copa America.

Recently, there have been talks that a new American club coming into shape, Miami FC, is trying to lure Robinho to join in.