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Robinho On Brazil Chances

Former Brazil international Robinho believes that Brazil is not the favorite at the World Cup as he feels that they need to work on some aspects of their gameplay first. He said that the team is good offensively but lacks some defensive strength at the back. He said that many fans believe that Brazil is […]

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Is Robinho’s playing career over?

At the age of 33, Robinho is a free agent after having departed from his latest club which was Athletic Mineiro back in 2017. Even though the Brazilian player can still perform at a fairly high level, there is a realistic chance that Robinho might not be able to play at a competitive level, especially […]

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South American football giants Brazil are set to take on 2018 World Cup hosts Russia in a friendly game in Moscow in March, according to reports. The CBF confirmed the match for Friday March 23, 2017 at the Russian capital city ahead of the mid-year event. The RFU also confirmed the game via a statement: […]

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Robinho talks about his life as a Real Madrid player

Robinho is one of the those players who during the early stages of his career, was a standout performer but as his playing career developed and progressed, his impact in his former clubs began to diminish up until a point that top European clubs lost faith in him and he had no other choice but […]

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A court in Brazil has sentenced Wagner Ribeiro to five years plus in prison for tax evasion, according to reports. The agent, who is close to Real Madrid and its president Florentino Perez, was found guilty of reducing taxes from 2002 to 2005. The prosecutor claimed he earned over €1.2 million but declared around €165,000. […]

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Will Robinho be making another return to Santos?

Robinho is one of those players that was hyped up to be one of the greatest performers of all time but the Brazilian attacker could never truly live up to all of the expectations. At the age of 15, Robinho was actually selected by Pele himself as the retiree stated that he was going to […]

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Manchester City summer signing is set to join the club in January but the question is if he would impress in England.

The Brazilian was pictured at a dinner with manager Pep Guardiola and compatriots Fernandinho and Fernando when he visited the club this week.

No doubt a lot of expectations exist for a player that helped his club Palmeiras to their first championship title in 22 years. The 19-year old striker’s visit included a tour of the club’s training facilities as he is set to formally resume next month.

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Chelsea coach Antonio Conte has revealed that his greatest achievement as a coach is his Serie A win with Juventus.

The Italian took the then un-fancied team and won the title without losing any game in his debut season. The Turin-based side placed seventh the season but Conte was able to start a string of title wins at the club.

“The first Scudetto with Juventus as a coach was the greatest achievement of my career, the greatest joy. We won that year in an incredibly difficult situation, where we started out from seventh place and were not considered contenders at all. We created a remarkable alchemy and there was this unconditional faith. If I had said: ‘Let’s all throw ourselves off a building’ – we would’ve done it. There was such belief and unity between us,” the Blues manager disclosed.

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