Robinho tells Ac.Milan that he wants to stay at Santos

Robinho has not played a single match for Ac.Milan in this season as the Brazilian is currently playing for Santos after having signed a one year long loan deal with his childhood club

The Brazilian player has stated that he does not desire making a return to the Italian club and wants to continue performing with Santos. Robinho is hoping that a deal between Ac.Milan and Santos will be made.

Santos has the option of turning the loan deal of Robinho into a permanent one and this what the 31 year old player is wishing to occur. The president of Santos, Modesto Junior if flying to Italy as he is going to meet with the head officials of Ac.Milan and see what can be worked out involving Robinho.

Robinho expressed his desire to remain at Santos as he told reporters: I am proud to have worn the shirt of AC Milan, but at the right time I will speak with general manager AdrianoGalliani. Santos is my home.When the time is right, I’ll talk with Galliani. Santos is my home.’’

Even though Robinho does not want to return to Ac.Milan, he still voiced his support towards the Italian club as the Brazilian player said: ‘’There will be no war. We will find an arrangement;Milan has so many good strikers. Dear Pippo, do not forget that our forwards are able to score goals, even at the last second. I saw the ranking of Serie A, Milan can still play in Europe.”

It would be better off for Ac.Milan and Robinho himself if he signs a permanent deal with Santos as the player has not made a real impact at the Italian club and even though Robinho has not made a single appearance for Ac.Milan, the Italian outfit is still paying a part of his salaries.