Will Robinho be making another return to Santos?

Robinho is one of those players that was hyped up to be one of the greatest performers of all time but the Brazilian attacker could never truly live up to all of the expectations.

At the age of 15, Robinho was actually selected by Pele himself as the retiree stated that he was going to become the next big thing in football.

Unfortunately for Pele, Robinho failed to deliver as he did manage to make outstanding performances with his native club Santos but after making a move to Europe, things quickly began to fall apart.

He went on to join some of the biggest clubs in Europe including: Manchester City, Real Madrid and Ac.Milan, despite being able to lift some top titles such as La Liga and the Serie A, his appearances weren’t memorable.

The 32 year old player is currently performing in Athletic Mineiro which is a Brazilian club and it’s in Brazil where Robinho does appear to perform significantly better and to be more comfortable playing in his home turf.

The Brazilian attacker joined Athletic Mineiro on February of 2016 and even though it’s been a short period of time since Robinho joined the club, he is already being rumored of joining another club as there are rumors emerging claiming that the 32 year old player is interested in making another return to his childhood club Santos.

It’s with Santos where Robinho was gaining notoriety as he was developing as a young player who had what it takes to shock the world of football and the Brazilian player has continuously been going back to his roots as he returned to Santos on 2010 on a loan deal and later on 2014 as he penned yet another loan deal. If rumors are to be believed, Robinho is once again interested in joining Santos.